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National Patriot Field Day

WHAT: National Patriot Field Day 2015 (NPFD 2015/1, pronounced “nip-fed twenty-fifteen slash one”) – Continental FTX

WHEN: 1300Z 19 APRIL 2015 – 0100Z 20 APRIL 2015

WHERE: CONUS (at a minimum)

WHO: You and your team; see below

WHY: Demonstrating that skills learned over the past six years can be applied successfully in the field in coordination/communication with other like-minded freedom-loving people located across North America

HOW: Entirely at teams’ discretion, subject to provisions below

CONCEPT: NPFD will provide an opportunity for patriots of all interests, abilities, and skills to field those talents over a 12-hour period and communicate their wins/losses/corrective actions to local, regional, and national UHF/VHF/HF networks.

Essential elements of the FTX are as follows:

1) Peaceful demonstration of freedom-minded skills; keep itrespectful and legal
2) Team planning and execution in support of coordinated effort, with comms up through local net and onward
3) All teams who complete their self-defined missions within parameters (honor system) and communicate their results with the FTX net are eligible for noogies and potential better prizes
4) Local/regional/national/international(?) comms will need to be established and maintained for the 12-hour FTX period plus a one-hour bumper prior to and after the ground teams (1200Z 19 APRIL – 0200Z 20 APRIL)
5) The more varied participants, the more challenging the FTX– so contact your associates in the re-enactor, EMCOMMS, EMS, and any other disciplines to encourage their participation, as per the following hypothetical examples…


Strike a Pose: The Power of Positions

Special Forces in Northern Afghanistan

The ongoing resurrection of the ancestral health movement has led to a lot of valuable lessons for survivalists and preppers, from both a health, nutrition, and longevity standpoint, as well as from a fitness and conditioning standpoint. One of the most important developments, from my perspective, has been the “barefoot” or “minimalist” running movement. Despite a solid sub-12:30 two-mile run time throughout my time in uniform, and occasionally achieving the 100 points of a sub-11:54 two-mile run, I was never a good runner.
Running hurt. I suffered shin splints, fractured tarsal and metatarsal bones, torn up ankle and knee cartilage, and spinal compressions. When I first started hearing about alternative running methods a couple of years ago, I was all ears, especially when they promised reduced incidence of injury, increased speed, and more efficiency.


The rest of the article HERE on Mountain Guerrilla

From DTG: What to do in the down time!

winter doldrums

Here’s a few things you can do, in no particular order, to help you get through these last formal weeks of winter:

  • Detail disassemble, clean, and lubricate (“Frog Lube” is the cat’s ass!) your Personal Self-Defense platform.
  • Check the edge and hone your primary fixed blade ‘field knife.’  If it’s not razor sharp, it’s not ready for the field.
  • Continue with your regular PT program.
  • Empty your ruck and LBE/LBV, and go over it looking for rips/tears and make repairs as needed.
  • Repack your ruck and LBE; get your ‘temperate’ load out set to go (keep your cold weather set up for now…you never know, really.)
  • Check your compasses for correct operation.
  • Continue with your regular PT program.
  • Re-read, “A Failure of Civility.”
  • Re-read our series on Basic Patrolling here, here, here, and here.
  • Empty any ‘ready’ magazines, disassemble them clean and lightly coat the spring with a good rust preventative lubricant (‘lightly’ means barely discernible) and reassemble.


  • Set up all the ammo taken out of your magazines as this year’s ‘training’ ammo and load your freshly cleaned and lubed magazines with ‘fresh’ ammo.  (Tip:  To keep finger oil off the brass that will eventually cause corrosion, consider wearing rubber gloves while loading the fresh ammo.)
  • Change up and continue with your regular PT program.
  • Clean, disinfect and refill your water carrying equipment with stabilized oxygen treated water.
  • Practice your dry fire a couple times a week or more with both carbine and pistol (you always ensure you drop the magazine and check the chamber before this practice, right??)

dry fire drill

  • Check your field boots for tears, rips, or frayed laces and replace/repair as necessary.  If you wear leather boots, now’s a good time to Sno-Seal them and carefully melt it into the leather with a heat gun on low.
  • Continue with your regular PT program.
  • Register for our April 25/26 Land Nav class here.
  • Read M. Stanton Evans’, “The Theme is Freedom.”
  • Inventory and cycle your ‘Shelter In Place’ food supplies; add what you can where you can.
  • Sign up for our ‘online’ classroom here.  Lots of good downloadable NPT related information for not much money…just sayin’.
  • Help plan, get involved in or host a Neighborhood Protection Association meeting as outlined in, “A Failure of Civility,” here.  (If you don’t have a book, keep watching their website.  Even with the price increase, it’s the best money you’re going to spend on a ‘how to’ for your local neighborhood.)
  • Continue with your regular PT program.

Obviously, these aren’t the only things you might consider doing, the key is to not get so bored you don’t do anything, and you basically waste good prep time.

Squad Radio Considerations from Sparks31



  • Everyone in the group should have the same model of radio. It makes logistics of accessories such as microphones and batteries easier.
  • Radio model should have readily available accessories.
  • Radios should be rugged enough for heavy field (ab)use.
  • Radios should be capable of operating off of common alkaline batteries. Most HTs capable of doing so will take either AAs or AAAs.
  • Radios should be able to run on 12V DC, either directly or via an adapter.
  • Radios should be frequency agile, or front panel programmable. Ham HTs are. Most commercial LMR HTs are not unless they are specifically mentioned as being FPP. Amateur radios should have fairly easy “MARS/CAP” extended frequency coverage modification. Your mileage may vary.
  • Radios should preferably have a BNC or SMA type antenna connector, for ease of attaching gain-type antennas. This is not a problem with ham HTs. Many commercial LMR HTs will not.

More form Sparks31



More details here:


The Idaho PatCon dates have been set, so mark your calendars and schedule your vacation!  Be sure to bring your kids, and well-behaved pets are welcome.  If your dogs have attitude, make sure you can keep all the animals in attendance safe.

We will have scheduled events and training on Thursday the 23rd through Sunday the 26th. Feel free to arrive Wednesday (or earlier) and head out Monday the 27th (or later!) and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Redoubt with fellow Patriots.

Schedule your summer vacation around the PatCon and explore the Redoubt.  Hike the mountains.  Fish the St. Joe’s and Lake Coeur d’Alene.  Bring your water toys, 4-wheelers, and trail bikes.  Take advantage of the small shooting & archery range at the PatCon site. We intend to have an assortment of tactical and prepper gear from high quality manufacturers so you can T&E (Test & Evaluate) their products. Enjoy the company of fellow Patriots as we train during the days and share the fire at night.

In the Beginning

“Citizen Militem” is latin for citizen soldier.   It is embodies the concept that ultimately, every citizen is responsible for their own security and protection.

Mutual Assistance Group, Neighborhood Protection Team, Militia.   All of these describe small groups of individuals, who gather together for the common purpose of defense of themselves, their family, and community.   This site has been started as a clearinghouse for information that can help these groups bettering themselves for the purpose of common defense.

More info will be coming soon.