S1- Manpower (organizations)
(Note I have no affiliation with any of these groups, and list theme here because they may be of interest to like minded people for networking)

Modern Militia Movement

A Well Regulated Militia


S2- Intelligence:

Public Intelligence

S6- Signals

Dan Morgan

AMRRON (American Redoubt Radio Operators Network)

Advanced Electronic Warfare and SIGINT: Association of Old Crows
not for the technical novice)

One Time Pads

Numbers Software for generating One Time Pads
 (I can not vouch for the security of this software, but should be good against all but the most well equipped professional cryptanalyst.)

S7- Training

Max Velocity

Mountain Guerrilla (John Mosby)

Mason Dixon Tactical (J.C. Dodge)

Defensive Training Group

SHTF School

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