The Library is a place to download documentation useful for small teams.
Email, or comment if you think something should be added.

S2- Intelligence:

US Army Intel Analysis

US Army Intelligence Interrogation

US Army Tactical Questioning Reference

Mobilization Indicators for Homegrown Violent Extremists

FN 3-05-102 Special Ops Intel

The IRA Green Book


FM 3-60 Targeting

FM 34-3 Intelligence analysis


FM 34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

MCWP 2-26 Geographic Intelligence

MCWP 2-6 Counterintelligence


USASOC-Counter Unconventional Warfare


S6- Signals:

Our own Signals Handbook, Volume One

Military Strategic Communications in Coalition Operations

U.S. Marine Corps Antenna Handbook


FM 24-12 Communications in a come as you are war

FM 6 Signal Soldiers Guide

FM 21-60 Visual Signals

FM 24-18 Radio Operator

FM 31-20 ch 10 SF Commo

FM 6-02 Signal Support to Operations

UK Radio operations

Emergency destruction of documents

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