Signals Handbook

Volume one of the Signals Handbook for small teams is complete.

SignalsVOL_1  <—clickable link!

SignalsVOL_1_SupplementA <—clickable link!
Supplement A contains only the forms found in Volume 1, and without page numbers, to make a quick and clean reference to print forms from.

SignalsVOL_1_Supplement_B <— clickable link!
Supplement B contains practice COMSEC materials suitable for teaching, and training.
Included are 480 one time pads, and 140 DRYAD authentication sheets.

DRYAD Authentication Generator Software <—clickable link!
This is a windows executable (and source code) that generates DRYAD authentication sheets for training use.

One-Time-Pad Generator Software <—clickable link!
One Time Pads for training use by Dirk Rijmenants.   It seems to be crypto-secure, but without the ability to audit the software there is no guarantee that it is.

Community protection teams, mutual assistance groups, airsofters, paintballers, constitutional militias, private security contractors, and even friends and family coming together for the common defense during a time of crisis, all have a myriad of modern communications devices available to them these days, but there has been little cohesive instruction for effective use of radios in a “tactical” situation.
We can find information on the internet, and in army field manuals, but that information is often piecemeal and not always relevant. Many military manuals are very equipment specific, and the Army communications structure has a tremendous amount of supporting staff and infrastructure that just is not available to a small group.
This series of handbooks is an attempt to provide a set of guidelines for effective tactical use of
radios among small units, that will be universally relevant.

This volume, Volume One, focuses on handheld team and squad level radios. This is
information everyone in a unit should know. It covers the fundamentals, and progresses to more advanced information.

Volume Two focuses on tasks that should fall under the responsibilities of the “radio guy” or signals officer. It expands upon the information in Volume One, and covers more administrative and planning topics.

Volume Three focuses on signals intelligence, scanning, jamming and electronic warfare.

Some training supplements will be added soon, and Volumes Two and Three will be posted here when complete.

Please comment on any issues, problems and suggestions.




29 thoughts on “Signals Handbook

  1. Hi!

    I’m looking for Volume 2 and 3. Are these published yet? I don’t frequent this website, and came upon it by chance. Can you write me a reply at ***REDACTED***


  2. Having spent 20 years in the U.S. Army Communications Command and work with all types of communications equipment ( from radios to computers to comsec equip), this volume is well written. And I’m looking forward to volumes 2 and 3. Keep up the good work!

  3. Outstanding work; detailed, comprehensive, and well organized. I’m very much looking forward to Volumes 2 and 3.
    Thank you!!! Having prepared documents similar to some bits and pieces of what you’ve prepared and assembled here, I can imagine how much time and effort you’ve invested.

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    • Work and life have slowed down efforts on Volume 2. It is about 2/3 written, but needs a lot of photos and graphics done. Hopefully will have it out end of summer.

  5. Looking forward to more of these. I have printed out Volume 1 at local office supply store and placed in a three ring binder for handy use. Looking forward to volumes 2 and 3. Thanks so much.

    • Still in progress. Due to a change in my work schedule, I haven’t been able to put as much time in as I would have liked.
      I expect to be able to get a bunch done in November, (and hope to have the text done by end of year) Then all that will be left are the pictures/diagrams.

    • he may not want to send a version to edit to someone who can’t even spell their own name Jason Jaosn LOL 🙂

    • Still in the works… I move in a few months, then should get back on my old work schedule where I should have time to finish it.

    • The family and I just moved out into the country, my job schedule is getting back to normal, and things are settling down…
      That means I should get back into Vol 2 very soon. The biggest slow-down will be pictures and illustrations which will either be done in June, or Dec.

      Once Vol 2 goes live, Vol 3 should go much quicker. I’m disappointed in how long it is taking for Vol 2, but life sometimes gets in the way.
      It is still in the works and is definitely not dead!

  6. Life definitely happens – hope things get on track for you! Definitely looking forward to the other two volumes!

  7. Hmm is anyone else having ⲣroƄlems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figuгe out if its a problem on my end
    or if it’s the blog. Any responses would Ьe greatly appreciated.

  8. Looking forward to Vol II and III! I know how life goes. I really appreciate all the work you’ve done so far.

  9. “Functionally, number based OTP’s are easier to use, but can not carry as much information, while letter based OTP’s carry more information, but require extra steps on encryption and decryption.”


    • Life and work have had updates on the back burner…. Still on my “things to finish” list.
      Maybe I’ll use your interest as a motivator to get my ass back in gear to finish them.

      • If it helps, there are about 25+ people in Bama that would like to see it finished as well. Vol 1 and Supplements are a key part to our SOI for our group as well as being integrated into a CERT EmComms.

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