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Update: New version (1.01) should fix bug where program repeats sheets.

Here is a little Windows program I whipped up in Microsoft Visual Studio, in C++ that generates DRYAD Authentication sheets and outputs them as a text file (.txt)


(If you use Google Chrome web browser, you may get a “DRYAD.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous” warning.   Because it is a zip, and includes an .exe, and this is a low traffic site, google flags it as suspicious.   Google is erring on the side of caution.   It is safe.   If in doubt, just open the cpp source file and recompile your own exe.)

The program will ask you how many different sheets you want (1-255),   and what name to save as.   It automatically adds .txt so just put a name.

After it runs, it will confirm how many were made, and what it was saved as.   The file will be generated in the same folder as the executable.

Type any letter and press enter to close the window.

I haven’t tested it on any machine other than mine.
Let me know if it doesn’t work.

It should be used for TRAINING ONLY!!!   The program uses “random_shuffle” which, to my knowledge, is not a cryptographically secure algorithm.

More information on the crypto weakness on this post:

The zip also includes the  C++ source code labeled main.cpp

Feel free to make any suggestions or improvements.

(I am a novice programmer, so I’m sure there are tons of improvements that can be made!)


8 thoughts on “DRYAD Generator

  1. Here is the start of a cross platform generator I made in Ruby http://pastebin.com/9CWGT03J I am going to try to clean up the formatting so it looks prettier but it is fully functional: run the file with Ruby and the axlsx gem and it will generate a new Excel file with randomized code groups. Please email me for more correspondence.

  2. I’m receiving reports that some systems are outputting the same sequences every time.
    If anyone has more info on this happening, please send me details.

  3. Your C dryad generator is flawed. It includes the Letters I and O, which are not needed for MGRS coordinates. English words and sentences are not suitable for sending over DRYAD, and including all the letters might let someone think they can.

    Only numbers and mgrs coordinates should be protected this way. Anything in plain English will be decoded just as fast as you send it. You can use three letter triplet codes, but not actual english words.

    The web based generator does this correctly, but its documentation has problems. Your PDF documents are also flawed. This is a very very very weak cypher, and all messages sent this way will be eventually decoded in minutes or hours.

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