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The Idaho PatCon dates have been set, so mark your calendars and schedule your vacation!  Be sure to bring your kids, and well-behaved pets are welcome.  If your dogs have attitude, make sure you can keep all the animals in attendance safe.

We will have scheduled events and training on Thursday the 23rd through Sunday the 26th. Feel free to arrive Wednesday (or earlier) and head out Monday the 27th (or later!) and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Redoubt with fellow Patriots.

Schedule your summer vacation around the PatCon and explore the Redoubt.  Hike the mountains.  Fish the St. Joe’s and Lake Coeur d’Alene.  Bring your water toys, 4-wheelers, and trail bikes.  Take advantage of the small shooting & archery range at the PatCon site. We intend to have an assortment of tactical and prepper gear from high quality manufacturers so you can T&E (Test & Evaluate) their products. Enjoy the company of fellow Patriots as we train during the days and share the fire at night.

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